Indications that LSD enhanced Alzheimer’s patients’ cognitive abilities

Doctors dosed nearly 50 older Alzheimer’s disease patients using reduced doses of LSD to find out whether the drug had some effect in their cognition or equilibrium.

Psychedelic drugs such as LSD really are a popular topic among clinical research — research have suggested that it might help treat ailments like alcohol addiction and depression. The new study did not demonstrate any indications that LSD enhanced Alzheimer’s patients’ cognitive abilities, based on New Atlas, but it didn’t provide proof that microdosing psychedelics did not do any harm, either.

That is very good news, however. Meaning it was concentrated far more on security than efficiency — by demonstrating that LSD did not actively hurt the volunteer participants, so physicians might have the ability to move forward with the next phase of research that are geared towards identifying the cognitive advantages — if any could exist — of LSD microdosing.

According to their findings, the health care researchers behind the study suspect that LSD remedies could prevent or cure brain inflammation, thus slowing or stopping Alzheimer’s patients’ cognitive decline and other sorts of neurological deterioration.

However, the path to safe and effective health care treatments is littered with the remains of medication which didn’t make it through each one the stages of clinical trials — although the new study yielded intriguing results, it is just the first of several steps on the way toward authorities acceptance.

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